Why I  Chose Young Living
Being a business owner, I always set my standards high for integrity and quality.   I had a friend suggest that I try a few products from Young Living.   She was an amazing mom with a beautiful family, and I knew for a fact that she only chooses what was best.    At that time, I was not 100% on board with a toxin free home or lifestyle.   I will be honest; I didn’t even understand it.  
She suggested that I try a couple products.   Thieves Household Cleaner & NingXia Red Drink.  The first time I used the cleaner I fell in love.  I was amazed at how it cleaned.  The fact that I didn’t need to leave the room when I was cleaning, like I did with the other cleaners that I used in the past, Thieves Cleaner smelled amazing, cleaned great and was safe for my family.  (It was so amazing that Thieves was the only cleaner we used in our gym.)

My friend suggested that my husband and I try the NingXia Red.  I trusted her so at that time I didn’t research what was in that beautiful bottle.    After about a week or so my husband said, “I don’t know what is in that juice, but we can't run out of it!”  We were sold!   Our energy, our gut health, our overall wellness. We felt amazing!  I started doing some research on the NingXia Red and on Young Living.   Young Living sets the bar higher than any other company when it comes to purity and integrity.  They are the only company that offers the Seed to Seal standard and the only company that had the two products that we fell in love with.  I found they not only have the highest quality of Essential Oils but also have the highest quality of products.  

I fell in LOVE so much with the products and the way my family was becoming healthier that I decided it was time to share the goodness with my family & friends.   That was almost 5 years ago, and we have not looked back!
Being a business owner, I understood what it meant to be the best, offer the best and stand on integrity.   Therefore, we continue to choose Young Living over and over again.

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