What are Make a Shift Kits?
We have 3 Make-a-Shift kits that are the best way to get started with Young Living, all in a perfectly bundled package! These will earn you $50! There is something for everyone. The Make a Shift Kits are also the most affordable option when your friends are getting started because they are highly discounted. 

The easiest thing to do is to create a Wishlist Link with one or more of these kits and then send it to your friend. You may also add additional products to the Wishlist Link. Remember to share your 10% off Friends & Family code - SHAREYL!

Keep reading to learn a little more about these 3 fabulous kits...

Make A Shift Essential Solutions Kit $112 | $100 FOR NEW CUSTOMERS

Six of the top-selling essential oils for better sleep, immune besties, sore muscles, dreamy-smelling home, the most delish tropical perfume plus an exclusive diffuser - all for $100!

This is the way our family got started swapping the toxic stuff out of our homes and taking charge of our health. Our home smells amazing too - that’s a bonus! So very thankful this kit exists for such an affordable and awesome value. 

Here’s a rundown of the 6 essential oils in this kit and some of the things they can do for you:

  1. Thieves - The healthy-keeper. Diffuse it daily, and put a drop on the bottoms of your feet each morning!
  2. Peppermint is so versatile. Cools you off as needed. Great on sore muscles. Also amazing dabbed on your temples when your head feels like a drummer is living in there! Tummy troubles, and car sickness - a must-have. When spring hits, peppermint gets added to a roller with lemon & lavender and rolled on us every day.
  3. Lavender - Basically the Swiss army knife of oils, very calming, makes an amazing sleepy spritzer, creates a chill environment for all, and is great for the skin!
  4. Purification - In all my first aid bags! Purify the air and all the things. Roll around the outside of the ears after swimming and down the outside of the throat when it’s feeling stabby. Put a few drops in the trash can or gym bag!
  5. Deep Relief Roll-On: Sore muscles, joints, and tension! Think: Natural Icy Hot but better! 
  6. Stress Away Roll-On - Vacay in a bottle. Dab it on your wrists to chill out and smell amazing.
  • An exclusive and gorgeous diffuser 
  • A community filled with education, protocols, classes, and how-tos
  • 10% off with my code for new customers 
  • an extra 24% off any other orders for a year!
  • $10-20 back-in-store credit points when you make it your first Loyalty order at checkout (optional, cancel anytime super easily - but for real! -  don’t leave your freebies on the table)

Make a Shift Happy Healthy Home Kit $112 | $100 FOR NEW CUSTOMERS

Say goodbye to harsh cleaning chemicals and hello to a plant-powered clean! This is the non-tox cleaning collection of your dreams.

The Make a Shift Happy, Healthy Home Kit includes:
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Glass Spray Bottle
  • Thieves Dish Soap
  • Thieves Laundry Soap
  • Thieves Kitchen & Bath Scrub
  • Thieves Essential Oil,15ml
  • Lemon Essential Oil, 15ml

Make a Shift Daily Wellness Kit $112 | $100 FOR NEW CUSTOMERS

Ningxia Red is a whole-body juice supplement infused with essential oils, superfoods, and the purée of the Ningxia Wolfberry fruit including leaf, stem, & peel to maximize the nutrient benefits. Wolfberries are CRAZY high in antioxidants and so, so, so good for you. The Young Living Wolfberries are grown in a mineral-rich, super fertile soil, that is unlike anywhere else on the earth and it shows. This species is the most potent (Lycium barbarum wolfberry) and has the HIGHEST antioxidant value.

Ningxia red is clinically shown to promote better sleep, less stress, increase energy, improve productivity, and support better immune & respiratory function.

The Make a Shift Daily Wellness Kit includes:
  • NingXia 30 ct sachets
  • Nitro 14 ct
  • Orange Vitality  
  • Lime Vitality 
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