Hey there... 
I am passionate about helping women value their self-worth, learn to stay on track and to stop starting over.  Encouraging women and helping them find simple solutions for overall wellness is my goal.  

We are NOT a one size fits all. God made each of us unique.  I am passionate about helping you find your journey to live a healthier, fuller and more balanced life. 

I'm Passionate About...
Wholeness, Balance, Wellness &
Feeling Good every day! 

As a gym owner and fitness coach I have felt the struggle.  
Helping Women find Balance while surviving menopause is my passion. 

If you are looking for .....

A Positive  & Supportive Community
Ways to find Balance in Family, Faith, Fitness & Fun 
Learn how to stay on track & to stop starting over on your Wellness Journey
Need a Cheerleader to help you stay on track

You are in the right place!


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Free Education

Every week I host FREE training classes via Zoom.  Join me and my guest speakers as we share ways to get our WELLNESS back on track. 
Topics such as Hormones, Menopause, Gut Health, Immune Support, Non-Toxing Living and more.