From Sniffling to Thriving: Beating Seasonal Crud

Allergies can be as common as the changing seasons. For years, I dreaded spring and fall, because I knew what was in store. Sneezing, congestion, and itchy, red eyes turned what should have been a joyful time into a battle for comfort.  Looking back, seasonal allergies took a toll on me. Every spring and fall, bronchitis would settle in my chest. I was miserable, waking up with a headache and relying on Advil and all of the OTC meds.  I tried allergy shots, nasal sprays, and medications, but they only masked the problem.  After battling seasonal allergies, I reached a breaking point. I'll never forget the morning Larry, my husband, caught me taking all the meds and said... "You're going a bit overboard with the meds!" That's when it hit me - time for a change! And guess what, I discovered a way to not just manage the symptoms... they've disappeared!

This is all about my journey of staying consistent and aiming for results. I wasn't going to accept that this was as good as it was going to get!  I discovered a better way. And now, I can happily enjoy every season without those awful symptoms.

Understanding the Enemy: What Are Seasonal Allergies?

Seasonal allergies occur when our immune system overreacts to outdoor allergens like pollen, dust, and mold. This triggers a series of reactions in the body, causing familiar symptoms that can disrupt our daily lives. While conventional remedies are commonly used, I was tired of masking my symptoms and wanted a permanent solution.

Seasonal allergies can manifest in various ways:
  • Sneezing and a runny or stuffy nose
  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Itchy throat
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Headache
The Day I Decided Enough Was Enough

I'm not saying you should totally ditch your meds like I did!  But let me share what worked for me. I was so fed up with the meds and shots that I dropped them like a hot potato. I was done! I started researching more natural options, learning everything I could. And guess what? After 8 years, I haven't needed the shots or any allergy meds. It wasn't easy though. Getting out of the "take a pill and it'll go away" mindset required a big change in how I approached my health.

It Was Not a Fast Fix

I'll be the first to admit that my journey to overcome seasonal allergies was far from a quick one, it was a process. This truth is a powerful reminder that health is a marathon, not a sprint.
Daily consistent changes in my home helped me to break free from seasonal allergies and all of the meds that just covered up the symptoms.  Here I am over 8 years later and I haven't had any allergy meds, prescription or over-the-counter.   Consistency can win the battle! 

The Steps That I Took

1. You might think I'm a bit eccentric, but since you're here, I'm guessing you or someone you know could benefit from some relief. I chose to banish scented fragrances from my home sweet home. No more Bath and Body Works, fragrant candles, or scented laundry goodies. Why, you ask? Because these scents can trigger headaches, coughing fits, and even asthma attacks. So, to pave the way for lasting comfort, it just made sense to ditch the fragrances!

I replaced all of those items with safe, plant-based products that I trust. And let's not even get started on Greenwashing! Not familiar with that term? Click here for more info! Our skin, being one of the largest organs, can be adversely affected by these toxic fragrances, impacting our hormones, gut health, and allergies.  I needed an easy button and I fell in love with a plant-based cleaner called Thieves Household Cleaner.   I use it for EVERYTHING in my home.  I used the cleaner in my gym for over 10 years - pretty amazing, right?.  Click here to learn more about this amazing Thieves Bundle.  I must say, it has been a worthwhile journey. 

2.  I needed some relief while going through the process. Remember, I had ditched all of my OTC meds and stopped the shots.   You may think I am nuts but these 3 oils became a daily habit for me.  After doing research I found that Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint oils work very well together to help combat the symptoms that I was having.  Let me tell ya, I slathered those oils on my body,  I diffused the oils, and I took the oils internally.  (Now, do not take just any oil internally!  There is only one brand of oil that I would take internally and it is approved for internal consumption.) 

Regulating My Gut Health and Boosting My Immune System

The link between gut health and immunity is strong. I started taking probiotics, and enzymes, and limiting trigger foods like dairy and gluten. Keeping the gut healthy is crucial for a strong body that can fight off allergens and threats. 
Boosting my immune system became my obsession. Regular exercise, sleep, and stress reduction became non-negotiable in my routine. Quality supplements like vitamins C and D, along with my Red Juice, improved my gut health and immune support.
I explored natural remedies and discovered that saline nasal rinses and essential oils can provide relief without the side effects of some over-the-counter or prescription meds. Initially, I took a few essential oils internally to support my immune system and alleviate allergy symptoms.  Remember, not all essential oils are created equal so don't be consuming just any essential oil!   I did all of the above..... consistently EVERY SINGLE DAY!  

My Triumph of a Sniff-Free Season

I started my journey in the spring, knowing it might be a challenge. But I stuck to my plan because, after doing all the research, I knew it would be worth it. I wasn't about to give up. I knew that on the other side, I'd have a life without allergy shots, meds, and all the misery that comes with those seasons and side effects. 
I am proof that making small changes in my daily routine had a big impact. I completely changed everything - from cleaners to lotions to candles. And you know what? Many of my friends have had similar amazing results. I get that not everyone can make all the changes at once, but my friend, you gotta start somewhere.
Nowadays, I welcome the seasons with open arms and a clear nose, without worrying about seasonal allergies. And I've come out of my struggle with a burning desire to help others overcome their struggles too. My passion is to teach others that they can beat their seasonal symptoms with daily consistent habits. 

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