Hi I'mAngie....
As a gym owner & fitness coach for over ten years my passion has always been to meet women where they are, help them find the road to success and to stop starting over. When I can help a client stay on track, I count that as a huge win.  Over the years of being in the fitness industry I learned so many things.  One main thing is consistency always wins!   I want my clients to feel SUCCESSFUL!   There is not a one size fits all workout or nutrition plan.  As I tell my clients. “We must find what works for you and what you will be consistent in doing.”
I always say that I want to age with Grace.  I want to help women survive menopause, age with grace and get their overall Energy & Wellness back on track.   Ladies,  I am proof that you can survive menopause, be healthy, have energy, get sleep and be a better version of yourself.  
"Dig the Well before you are Thirsty."  -- Chinese Proverb

My husband, Larry & I  have been married for 28 years and we are blessed with two amazing adult children. We LOVE walking and hiking together every day.    We love spending time with Family & Friends. Our bucket list is to visit as many National Parks as we can. We are starting a new season of life and are almost empty nesters.   Serving in our community and in our church is something we are very passionate about.  Music has always been an important part of my life and I am honored to be a part of the Worship Team in our church.
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