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Meet Angie George --- Tired of Starting Over!

Hey Friends,   I am married to my best friend Larry and we have 2 young adult children.  We are almost empty nesters and are learning to enjoy this new season of life.  My passion is working with Beginner and Senior Fitness Clients and helping families learn ways to make Wellness Simple. 

I was over it!  I was sick and tired of starting over ALL OF THE TIME and seeing my friends do the same thing.    What kind of example was I offering to my clients and my friends?   My nutrition and my exercise habits were ok in the beginning. But, I had massive stress, sleepless nights, horrible gut health and even worse allergies. Plus, I was going through menopause.  I had too much on my plate and I would start slacking on my exercise and nutrition.   It seemed that losing focus was the only thing I was consistent with.   

One morning I woke up and decided ….. It had to stop!   I was miserable.   I was mentally and physically exhausted.  Sick and tired of going to the doctor for bronchitis, allergy shots and meds,  sick of no sleep and stress overload.  

As soon as my feet hit the floor in the mornings I would start eating Advil like it was candy.   My head always hurt.  I had no idea that the inflammation in my body was causing my knees and joints to hurt and it was preventing me from teaching my fitness classes or even walking down the steps in my home everyday. 

Finally, out of desperation, I realized I deserved to FEEL AMAZING EVERY DAY!  I was not going to wait for a doctor to tell me I was boarder line for this or that.  I started doing research on mindset, learned simple ways to detox my body, ways to help reduce stress and ways to stay focused on the end result!   What is that result? My family and I living a healthier and happier life.... every single day! 

Learning to FIND BALANCE in my life changed everything!   My energy level is through the roof. I fall asleep fast and I stay asleep. The allergies & inflammation are under control (with no shots or allergy meds). Stress. I have learned to handle my stress levels... (there is a reason people say…. Just breathe).   Menopause..... I survived with all natural options!  Honestly, I was scared because I didn’t really know where to begin. But, when you become desperate enough and concerned about your health you will do it!    I had to remember….. I was worth it and so was my family!

How many times have you tried to create new habits, start new diets or workout plans, start new patterns in life only to quit and end up feeling worse than when you started?

I am on a mission to help women & families break free, find balance in their life, and to STOP STARTING OVER!   It’s time to take control of your health.  Come and join me and our amazing group and learn how you can find health and freedom with the knowledge and information in our exclusive community.

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